Why do some succeed and others fail?

“Talented people get rich, and blockheads get rich; intellectually brilliant people get rich, and very stupid people get rich; physically strong people get rich and weak and sickly people get rich” (Wallace, 2007 p. 18).
We have all seen people that are highly educated with multiple degrees become successful in their field. And many of us have seen people with no formal education become extremely successful. Many people with little or no formal education have become very successful over the past decade or two by riding the wave of technology i.e. e-commerce and internet marketing. While so many that attempt online business ventures fail. Why? While it may be more probable that higher education or formal education may lead to more success and monetary wealth, it obviously does not always 100% equate to wealth and success. This also means that that those that do not possess a higher education may become become wealthy and successful.
Those that have unique talents or natural abilities may have a higher probability to be successful it does not necessarily mean those that do not posses such talents will not become successful. It appears apparent that talent and actual god given natural ability may not matter on the path to success. For example the famous artist who finds success in finger painting or splatter paintings. Many pop music bands that appear to lack in natural talent become successful and famous, or the many individuals that gain popularity and therefore wealth and successful via you tube or social media. So many talented individuals are out there with great raw talent that shows like Americas got talent are revealing. There seems to be more to the equation that talent equals wealth and success. So how do these individuals with little natural talent become so popular.
Physical strength may lead to success and wealth via sports or other physical activities this is evident by the very few yet very wealthy and famous athletes, but many with great strength do not obtain wealth and fame i.e. military members or great athletes that get picked over.

Intellect does not always equal success, real natural talent does not always equal success, physical strength or ability does not always equal success. So all these wonderful uneducated and untalented people are finding wealth and success, HOW? WHY? WHAT do they do differently???

Mass consensus generally holds the beliefs that talent equals fame and success, and that education equals success, but many people are successful without talent or education. So this mass consensus belief is not an absolute.

Wallace D.W. (2007). The Science of Success. Fall River Press. New York.

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