What to Write about

The most difficult part for new bloggers is trying to find something to write about.  So here are a few things you can do try to over come that scary thing called writers block…

  1. 1. Take a break and step away from your writing. Physically walk away for at least 20 minutes and let your mind take a break, think about something else, something completely different from what you are trying to write about.
  2. 2. Do something else creative. Draw a picture, paint something, or maybe build something.  The point is to get those creative juices flowing somehow though another creative outlet.  Often when we keep our hands busy it allows our minds to work thorough problems like writers block.

3. Try some freewriting or journaling.  Try spending 15 minutes or more sometime through out the day and just write whatever pops into your head.  Don’t worry if it is grammatically correct or makes sense, just write.  Freewriting is a wonderful way to get ideas about what to write about, you may find by simple rambling on through freewiriting you will have the beginings of new topics to write about. Try freewriting for several days or even a week prior to sitting down and trying to write a lengthy piece.

4.) Exercise, Move your body about. Exercise and physically movement is an excellent way of getting those creative juices flowing. You can go for a walk or jog, you can try yoga which will bring on a peaceful mindset.  You can try putting on some upbeat music and dancing.  Deep breathing along with exercising is an excellent way to relieve stress and therefore you can be more mentally ready to write.

5.) Eliminate distractions. Block some time to write, physically prepare your space by keeping it clean and well organized. Some people have difficulty working/writing in a disorganized space, this puts the mind in a state of confusion. Set aside time where you are able to turn the phone off, turn off the tv and internet for several hours . Try to block time when others that may distract you are not home or asleep.

6.) Early morning and before bed writing. By eliminating the distractions of other people I find that early morning and late at night when other are sleeping is the best time to write.  Also when you mind is “half asleep” and you can just write without the mental distraction of your day to day tasks is an amazing time to write. Let your mind drift as if you where falling asleep or just waking up in the morning, the fuzzy state between wake and sleep allows your subconsciousness mind to flow those creative thoughts.  I find this is a great time to journal or do 15 to 20 minutes of freewriting.  And then I will take those somewhat random thoughts from my journal and turn them into topics to further research and write about.

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