What Is mindfullness and why it is important.

Midfullness is a state being in which you have an active, open attention on the current moment, the present. When you are mindful, you are carefully observing your current feelings and thoughts. Mindfulness means being aware moment to moment of your thoughts, feelings, your physical body, and surrounding environment. You are mindfull of the your thoughts but you do not judge these thoughts, you are simply aware that you have these thoughts but you do not label them as good or bad. The key tenet to mindfullness is you live in the now, not letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means you live in the moment. Mindfullness does not mean you dwell on the past or on the future but you awaken to your current now experience.

So why is mindfullness important in what we do? Because our thoughts, feelings and beliefs shape our experiences that we have, they shape what we call the future. Now is all there is. When you are thinking and dwelling on the past you are doing the thinking in the now, when you are dreaming of the future you are doing the dreaming in the now. Living in the now is essential for being mindful of your current thoughts and your overall state of being. How you act, how you feel, how behave, how you think, what you believe is all happening right now, in the now moment. It is these thoughts, beliefs and actions that help create what we call our future, but it is now that we are experiencing.  So how much time is wasted on dwelling on things that happened in the past or planning on things that will happen in the future.

How can you be more mindfull?

This is a constant and active process of asking your self questions about the now, taking stock of where you are and what you are felling right now. What am I thinking right now? Is it about the past or future, if so pull your focus back to the now.  What am i believing about this current situation that I am in right now?  What am I experiencing physically right now, how does my body physically feel right now? And what is occurring in my physically surrounding environment, right now?


Again, why is this important, to live in the now… because the now is all there is.


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