What is marketing? Basic definition of marketing.
Marketing is the process in which services and goods, to include digital products, move from conception of that item to customer. How does the company or individual who created and produced the item/product get it to the consumer? Marketing. There are commonly four elements (4 P’s) when referring to marketing, and they are;
1. The identification and process to develop a product,
2. a deliberation on setting a price for the product
3. a decision on identifying a channel of distribution for the product to be able to reach the consumer and,
4. creating a solid promotional strategy to promote the given product.

For example, 1. I have created a new design for a tshirt that I want to sell, 2. I choose to set the price at 13.99 because I want to price below competition but yet high enough to make x amount of profit, 3. channel for distribution is merch by Amazon, soon to list on cafe press, and 4. my promotional strategy is Amazons built in advertising and solid SEO, let friends now on face book, maybe put the tshirt design on this blog and ppc/pay per click through amazon marketing services (AMS).

Marketing is based on contemplating on the business with the customers desires and their level of satisfaction.
So why is marketing so important…. If you are unable to get the product to the consumer, no matter how awesome that product may, you will not have any sales.  With great marketing the consumer wins by getting your awesome product and you win by getting the sale. S

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