The importance of living in the now, the now is all that matters. It is for in the now that all is created, that all is occurring, and that all is manifesting. The now is your power, power of intention and power of manifestation. The present creates both the past and the future because all is occurring now. The past is how we choose to perceive it, how we choice to remember, but the perceiving and the remembering is occurring in the NOW.

Prepare for every upcoming moment with a slight pause to center and create alignment with source with your higher self. Moments are defined by the events that are occurring in the counting of time. Find your connection prior to engaging in the upcoming event.

The physical reality that has manifested as a reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings. Every experience you have is mirrored from your belief. The beliefs you have regarding that particular topic or situation. Use your experiences as a reflection to identify what the beliefs are, what your internal dialogue may be about, what the thoughts and feelings are that you might not be actively aware of.

Feel good now. Follow your passion. Follow your joy. Follow what gives you true excitement. Let the rest fall into place. Allow the higher self, source, the universe to determine HOW the manifestations come into your experience.
All you have to do is figure what the most joyful thing you are capable of doing right now, and right now and right now. And let the rest unfold.

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