Law of Attraction

Those who usually ask why feel as if they are lacking in some aspect of their lives, those who are living abundance usually don’t questioned it.

Have you ever wondered why some people are lucky? Or why some people are wealthy when they do not have appeared to have “worked hard” to earn their wealth. Or why some people become very successful at their chosen profession but may not have formal education. Or why some people seem to beat the odds of a particular illness while other remain ill or diseased. Why do some people seem to have great prosperity while other live in poverty? There are laws that govern this universe and the law of attraction is the law that governs why we have the physical reality that we experience, the material possessions, the relationships, the wealth, the health and all of the life experiences that we have.
What is the law of attraction? It is a universal law that guides our lives from every second to every moment. It is the law that explains why we experience the physical reality that we experience. It is a universal law that if we can understand it can open our eyes to the way life was intended to be lived, joyously! Through understanding and believing of how your thoughts and feelings play a vital role in creating the physical realty that you experience, you can begin to change your experience of the physical world around you. Understanding of this law and the cosmic energy that flows through and is apart of everything in existence, how this mechanism operates can truly empower you to lead the life that you desire.
The law of attraction is similar to that of any other universal law, in that it is absolute. It has always been and always will be regardless if we choose to believe it or not. This law of attraction has always been, long before people understood what it was. The law of attraction can be seen woven through many fields of study or disciplines such as; religion, psychology and science.

The law of attraction states that you will receive whatever it is that you are thinking and feeling about. Things in this universe that are alike, that are at the same vibration frequency, will be attracted to each other. Birds of a feather do indeed flock together or misery loves company. Or many have experienced murphys law, which generally implies if it can go wrong it will. This is essentially the same thing as the law of attraction. This law is not biased it doesn’t care if your thoughts and feelings are negative or positive.

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