About Julia Gunda

I grew up in New Jersey and after some global traveling due to my former job I now live happily in Washington state, from coast to coast and a few places in between.  I worked for nearly a decade in the mental health career field, I traveled a bit providing prevention and treatment to those connected to the U.S. military.  I was fortunate enough to help many people work through issues.  I had the joy of working with children and adults alike.  I ended up as a specialized drug and alcohol counselor. While working I was able to obtain my degree in psychology.  However; as rewarding as this career was, I was tired and wanted a change of pace.  I then worked as a financial counselor for a short time with a financial firm focused on investments and stocks. I then obtained an advanced graduate degree in business administration.  My end goal with this degree was and still is to teach in a formal college setting. To pay for this degree I began selling on Amazon.  I have been selling on Amazon using the fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, I have also sold some on Ebay and have recently began using Merch by Amazon as another means of income.  Looking back on my careers and choice of work so far, there has been a general underlying theme… and that is to help people.  My goal of this blog is to help other with marketing, business ventures, and overall well being, through my experience and education.  I hope to in the near future with the help of John Thornhill’s partnership to success program (which I am currently enrolled in) to creates products and reports that will teach, inspire and make life easier for other.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Go Forth and Give

Julia Gunda